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Bob McDonnell: Good Candidate, Bad TV Ads

Tomorrow, Virginia Republicans will gather in Richmond to nominate a gubernatorial candidate, as well as a Lt. governor candidate, attorney general candidate, and a new VA GOP chairman.

Bob McDonnell is running unopposed for the nomination.  There is much reason to be excited about McDonell, inasmuch as he currently leads all three of his potential Democratic opponents -- at least, in the polls I've seen. 

A McDonell victory would be a shot in the arm for Republicans, who will be looking to the '09 elections in Virginia and New Jersey as a predictor for how the 2010 elections micht trend.  If McDonell does win, it could give the GOP real momentum and much-needed confidence, going into the mid-term elections.

But if McDonnell is to win, he will have to scrap whoever is making these ridiculous TV ads, which do not, in my estimation, portray him in a positive light ...

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