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GOP vs. Business

Politico reports that some Republicans are anxious to argue that Democrats are,

... embracing “Wall Street traders,” “polluters” and “others in corporate America” who are “guilty of manipulating national climate policy to increase profits on the backs of consumers.

It is interesting that most people assume that conservatives are in bed with big business.  This is often not the case -- as big business is often (ironically) opposed to the free market.  After all, regulations that eliminate future competition from entrepreneurs are good for them.

And even when the Chamber of Commerce types do support Republicans, it is usually not conservatives whom they support.  As Tim Carney demonstrated recently, Arlen Specter was Wall Street's favorite Republican.

Lastly, the problem with big business is that they do not fight for principles -- but for profit margins and survival.  This is as it should be, but it also does not make them ideal coalition members.  Once it became clear, for instance, that Obama was popular, their thought was not how to stop socialized health care -- but rather, how can we cut the best deal?  The same holds for cap-and-trade.

It will be interesting to see if the GOP actually tries to link the Dems to big business...

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