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1st State Gives Voters Right to Constitutionally Secure Secret Ballots

Those in favor of the secret ballot (and opposed to card check) have scored their first victory today, as Utah gave voters the right to a constitutionally protected secure secret ballot.

From a Save Our Secret Ballot press release:

A constitutional amendment to guarantee the use of secret ballots in Utah elections, including in union organizing elections, has passed the Utah State Senate, ensuring a place on the November 2010 ballot.


SOS Ballot National Advisory Board Chairman Rep. Ernest Istook commented, “Utahans are fortunate to have leaders like Rep. Wimmer as well as Governor Huntsman, Senator Hatch and Attorney General Shurtleff who understand just how imperiled and vulnerable the right to a secret ballot is...
Hopefully, this is merely the first of many such posts. 

SOS  notes that "similar efforts have been launched by SOS Ballot in Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina and South Dakota with additional states soon to be announced."

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