So Hawaii is a State???

Posted: Dec 23, 2008 10:00 AM
My appearance on MSNBC yesterday generated a minor controversy when I said Obama was outside of the country ... in Hawaii.

... Of course, I never actually said that (though the liberal blogosphere is quite sure I did).  Here's what I actually said regarding Obama's handling of the release of the Blagojevich contacts: "... you could make an argument that if he wants it to appear to be not a big deal he would be out of the country."

The author also implies that (assuming I realized Hawaii is a state), I might have meant that Obama was traveling to, "whatever nation keeps his secret birth certificate hidden!"  Once again, the liberals cannot resist accusing conservatives of scurrilous behavior.  In fact, I was outspokenly opposed to the birth certificate rumors -- but since when do the facts matter?

Regardless, I'm flattered that to be a target of the net-roots (usually, such parsing is reserved for actual political candidates).  Now if I could just talk Olbermann into making me the "worst person in the world..."