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Video: Honoring Paul Weyrich's Life and Work

As you've probably heard, conservative legend Paul Weyrich passed away last week.

This past September, conservatives honored Paul Weyrich with a terrific Legacy Dinner.  What follows is a video of that special evening.

Note:  Paul Weyrich and Morton Blackwell were great friends and colleagues.  Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute's studios has made this tribute available for you to view.  Their web address is

This clip features a special tribute from his close friends Morton Blackwell and Ed Fuelner:

The next two clips are a series of back-to-back salute from some of the top conservative leaders in the nation:

...And this clip is a bio of Paul Weyrich's life, featuring some terrific photos:

Special thanks again to Morton Blackwell and his staff for putting these clips together for us to help honor conservative pioneer Paul Weyrich. Also, special thanks to Colin Hanna of Let Freedom Ring for his leadership in making this Legacy Dinner a reality.

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