Rudy: 'We <em>Need</em> a Sledgehammer'

Posted: Oct 01, 2008 3:10 PM
During last week's debate John McCain's suggested “spending freeze” was mocked by Obama who said that would be like “using a sledge hammer when you need a scalpel.”

On a conference call today, Rudy Giuliani countered that, in fact, "...we need a sledgehammer to a budget that's out of control."

Mayor Giuliani also, responding to one of my questions, said he personally overheard McCain phoning Republican Members of Congress who told McCain they were voting for the bailout specifically because he asked them to.  Giuliani said McCain "participated" in moving the numbers from four Republicans to sixty-five Republicans in support of the bailout.

Regarding Gwen Ifill, Giuliani said:  "All my experiences with her have been very positive."  He also described her as an, "honest, decent journalist."  Giuliani added, however, that if a moderator had written a book titled, "Politics in the Age of McCain," that the media would cry foul.