Boehner Blames Pelosi Speech for Bill Failure

Posted: Sep 29, 2008 2:20 PM
Minority Leader John Boehner just gave a press conference, and blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi for killing the vote.  Boehner said it would have passed, "had it not been for this partisan speech the Speaker gave on the floor of the House."  He went on to lament that just before the vote came up, "... the Speaker had to give a Partisan voice that poisoned our caucus ..."

Rep. Eric Cantor said of Pelosi's speech, it "was inappropriate in this discussion."

National Review's Rich Lowry writes:  
"House Republicans will get blamed, and the likes of Mike Pence indeed played an extremely irresponsible role. But Pelosi didn't exactly make the sale with her own members, more than 90 of whom voted against it."