Michael Medved Speaks at the FRC...

Posted: Sep 12, 2008 2:53 PM

Michael Medved just spoke at the FRC.

Below are some of his best quotes from the event...

"Pro-Abortion is not a women's issue, it never has been"

"Do you know any conservatives that said, 'that Margaret Thatcher, she should have been home in the kitchen'?"

"You know where the real hatred for women is? It's in the NY Times!"

McCain and Palin families provide "pretty dramatic evidence" that conservatives do, in fact, have sex. (12 children total)

Denouncing Philly Inquirer, which said Palin "oozes sexuality" -          "What are you going to do, put her in a burqa?!"

"Conservatives agree that abortion is wrong; we don't thinks it's 'beyond our pay grade' to say that."