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ABC's Gibson Comes Out Swinging

Clearly, Charles Gibson wants to focus on foreign policy tonight.  The questions are harder than I thought they might be, as well.  He was so calm and sedate when he moderated debates earlier this year, but he's more of an attack dog tonight.  For example, he asked questions like: Do we have the right to go across the border into Pakistan?  Has she met with any foreign heads of state?  Does she agree with the Bush doctrine of preemptive strikes???  These are fair questions, to be sure, but they are also fraught with danger -- and, no doubt -- he is attempting to make news tonight.

The one thing I am noticing most about her is that she is confident and does not waiver.  Gibson is probably doing her a favor by asking these tough questions.  The more he tries to maker her look bad, the more the public will love her.

Palin has been able to avoid any gaffes.  When Gibson asks her about Bush, she managed to avoid criticizing Bush, while also making it clear that this would not be a 3rd term, by saying:  "New leadership provides opportunity to do things better."

She did well tonight.  Tomorrow, it's domestic issues.  Stay tuned. 

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