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The Word is <em>Unconventional</em>

A year ago, few would have predicted a Republican ticket that including maverick John McCain AND an attractive female conservative governor who has stood up to the Republicans in her state? 

*** Republicans would have the only female and the only governor in the presidential race.

If you had to imagine a ticket that could possibly defeat Obama, you couldn't have scripted it any better than this ...

... TH Intern Adam Brickley is the man today.  He is fielding lots of inquiries about his blog, Draft Sarah Palin

Update:  The downside, says the hand-wringing folks at MSNBC, is ...

1).  The trickery that has been used to keep the media on tenterhooks has also meant that the other possible veep picks have been used or led-on.  Is it wise to risk offending so many of your allies?

2).  If the McCain campaign has truly waited until the last minute to make their pick, do they risk having a candidate who will be unprepared to make a good impression?  Could Palin give a good speech in Dayton today?  And because she hasn't been seriously floated to the media (sure, she's been mentioned -- but not seriously floated), do they risk picking someone who hasn't been vetted by the media (think Dan Quayle)?

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