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Veep Pick Countdown!

By Noon tomorrow, we will know ...

Yet, rumors are swirling around that word may leak out tonight about McCain's veep pick.  Drudge says it will leak tonight.  This would obviously rain on
Obama's parade tonight, which could help divert attention from Obama -- or could backfire, hurting McCain.  My guess is that only a truly exciting pick -- say Palin or Jindal -- would be well received under those circumstances. 

Still, as McCain's veep pick nears, people are getting nervous.  Conservatives are threatening a Republican National Convention walk-out if a pro-choicer is picked -- especially if it's Lieberman.  My guess is, this is unlikely -- but still not out of the question.

Meanwhile, Roll Call reports a security sweep of Mitt Romney's family's house.  Then, there's Tim Pawlenty.  And, as I noted earlier, Pawlenty has cancelled appearances today.  All of this, of course, helps fuel the excitement and speculation ... 

In related news, McCain plans to run an ad tonight that will refute Obama's speech ...

If you're a political junkie, this is the place to be!

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