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Hurricane to Hit New Orleans, Minneapolis?

It is not being widely discussed yet, but there is now a chance that Hurricane Gustav will hit New Orleans during the GOP convention.  Aside from our obvious concern for the people of New Orleans -- who are still recovering from the last hurricane -- it is also true that the political impact of this could also be enormous -- and perhaps unpredictable ...

One interesting thing to note is that John McCain has been very critical of President Bush's hurricane response, and this may prove to be an even wiser move than anyone could have expected.

Another thing to consider is that, should this event occur -- and we hope it does not happen -- it is important that the convention be conducted appropriately.  Images of partying Republicans -- juxtaposed with suffering Americans -- would obviously make Republicans appear ridiculously out-of-touch.

What is more, it is vital that Republican leaders respond effectively to the situation.  Lousiana's popular governor Bobby Jindal sent out this email last night:


Dear Friends,

Hurricane Gustav is currently forecasted to enter the Gulf of Mexico this weekend as a major hurricane. We do not know whether this storm will impact Louisiana, but now is the time to make certain that you and your family have a gameplan. Preparation for storms is absolutely critical, and I encourage you to visit our website,, to find tips and ideas for individual emergency plans. Make certain you have an evacuation plan for your family and pets, as well as 3 to 5 days of supplies such as water, non-perishable foods, and batteries in case of emergency.
Safety is our first concern when storms are approaching, and having a plan in place is of the utmost importance. We will be closely monitoring the situation as the storm progresses, and encourage you to monitor your local media outlets to obtain the most current information on Hurricane Gustav.
Governor Bobby Jindal

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