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Re: Michelle Obama's "Rules for Radicals"

As Carol notes, the fact that Michelle Obama would slip in a Saul Alinski quote is quite telling. 

First, it is concerning to me that she would essentially use a sort of code language.  Real Leftists would recognize the line, and realize she is simpatico -- but most Americans would never catch on ... until the blogosphere, that is.

Frankly, when I heard Michelle Obama utter those words (and I have read Alinski's primer) I was only reminded of of the line often quoted by RFK: "Some see the world as it is today and ask why. I see the world as it could be and ask, why not?"  Even I would not have recognized the line.

It is important to state that Saul Alinski was not merely a liberal.  Those who are unfamiliar with him or his work will likely miss the significance of this.  He was, indeed a radical, who believed -- as Stalin did -- that "the ends justify the means."  Rules for Radicals was essentially a Bible for the Clintons and the Obamas.  

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