Mark Warner's Speech Already Angering Some

Posted: Aug 26, 2008 9:21 PM
Former VA governor Mark Warner hasn't even given his speech yet tonight, but already, he's being attacked for going too easy on McCain:

...Democratic activists, meanwhile, voiced concern that the convention has yet to produce a sustained attack against the Republican presidential candidate.

In particular, they cited former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner's preview of his Tuesday night keynote speech in which he suggested he would not make a red-meat attack on McCain but an appeal for bipartisanship.

``There may be parts of the speech that aren't going to get a lot of applause, but I've got to say what I believe will get our country back on the right path,'' Warner - who was neutral in the party primaries - told reporters on Monday.

Democratic strategist Paul Begala took issue with Warner's comments, suggesting that more partisanship, not less, was needed at the party convention. ``This isn't the Richmond Chamber of Commerce,'' Begala said Tuesday.