Rumors on the Internets: Pawlenty to Speak to Conservative Conclave

Posted: Aug 25, 2008 10:45 AM
The Council for National Policy -- a conservative conclave some consider the "vast right wing" conspiracy -- meets later this week at Minneapolis.  And one of the most speculated about veep contenders will be speaking to this prominent group.

Governor Tim Pawlenty is speaking to the "gold circle" (senior CNP members) on Wednesday evening.  He also will be making remarks to the entire session at Noon on Friday -- the day McCain is set to announce his VP pick.  At one point, this was canceled, but now it is back on. 

McCain is supposed to announce his pick at a rally in Ohio on Friday, which makes me wonder if Pawlenty will be giving that speech at CNP in MN on Friday ... or not ...

The fact that he is speaking to a prominent group of conservatives doesn't necessarily imply he is the nominee.  It is not uncommon for CNP to invite prominent local officials who represent the city or state where the meeting is being held.  But the fact that he is scheduled to speak in a different city than McCain seems to imply he is not the pick.

Also, I'm hearing ...

... If Romney is picked, the Huckabee people will grumble.

... Rep. Michelle Bachman will speak at CNP on Thursday night.

... Tim Carney will fill-in for Bob Novak.