Biden on Supreme Court Judges

Posted: Aug 23, 2008 3:31 PM
The Judicial Confirmation Network just released this statement on Barack Obama's selection of Sen. Joe Biden:
"Barack Obama has made his first personnel decision. For anyone
concerned about the threat to the country and the Constitution from a
liberal activist judiciary this is not a comforting choice.  Obama might
as well have picked Ted Kennedy when it comes to the future of the
Supreme Court.  With his Senate Judiciary Committee ally Kennedy, Bidenhas tried to kill the nominations of outstanding Justices for two
decades with distortion, innuendo, and demagoguery.  Other than Kennedy,no one has been a more willing instrument of the far left liberalpressure groups to try to undermine highly qualified judicial nomineeswho practice judicial restraint like Chief Justice John Roberts andJustice Samuel Alito.  This only sharpens the contrast between McCainand Obama with respect to judges."