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House Republicans on American Energy Tour

image003-1-2.jpg picture by MattLewis01

From left to right:  Scalise, Bilirakis, Smith, Bachmann, Latta, Heller, Boehner, McCarthy, Fallin, Jordan.

As you probably know, several Republican Members of Congress are in ANWR
.  I received this group photo from Rep. Michele Bachmann's office.

So what are they up to?  This is from the GOP Leader's press office:

"The House GOP’s American Energy Tour brought Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and nine of his Republican colleagues to Alaska’s remote North Slope today.  The delegation spent the day learning firsthand about both current and emerging oil and gas production technologies which hold tremendous promise not only for consumers but for American workers as well.  Increasing production of American energy is expected to spur substantial job creation, particularly in places like the North Slope, the Mountain West, and far off our shores on the Outer Continental Shelf."

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