So Obama <em>Didn't</em> Repudiate Clark's Comments?

Posted: Jul 01, 2008 4:43 PM

Day three of the Clark controversy, and things keep getting more and more interesting. 

Today, Barack Obama is apparently denying that his own speech yesterday in Ohio -- where we all assumed he was specifically repudiating Clark's comments -- was, in fact, aimed at Gen. Clark. 

Here is what Obama had to say today:

"... I notice that I think in at least one publication it was reported that my comments yesterday about Senator McCain were in a response to General Clark. I think my staff will confirm that was in a draft of that speech that I had written two months ago."
... Aside from the fact that this is now very, very odd and confusing, today, Obama also seemed to not understand why these comments caused such an uproar in the first place:

REPORTER: "Do you not feel that General Clark owes John McCain an apology?"

BARACK OBAMA: "I guess my question is why, given all the vast numbers of things that we got to work on, that that would be a top priority of mine ...?