Obama's "Fight The Smears" Website Smears Conservatives

Posted: Jun 12, 2008 5:10 PM
Let's fight the Obama smears, right here. 

With all the talk about Obama's new website, Fight The Smears, it should be noted that Roger Stone did not start the "whitey" rumor, nor did Rush Limbaugh.  Stone also never said a tape exists (despite what Obama's site says)

... In fact, it was started by a liberal blogger -- and Hillary supporter (and donor) --named Larry Johnson.  If you doubt he's a liberal blogger, note that is (or was) a frequent blogger at The Huffington Post.

Johnson is the one who started the rumor (which may, or may not, be true).  Others, like Roger Stone -- Rush Limbaugh -- heck, even me -- merely reported that there was a rumor out there.  This, of course, is different from starting -- or even endorsing -- the rumor.

(And I might also note that conservatives were also quick to inform folks when the rumor was starting to look bogus.)

Again, this is an example of Obama blowing it.  The idea of a rapid response website that sets the record straight is a very, very good idea.  But Obama got greedy.  It wasn't enough to say the "whitey" rumor was bogus.  He had to pretend it was our idea.  And so his website is just the latest example of how Obama is playing politics.  It's the game.  They smear us, we smear them.  That's politics as usual.

If Obama were smart, he would actually be a "new brand of politician."  Frankly, I'm not sure what we would do if he were actually legit.  What would I write today?  Probably that Obama is smart.  Lucky for us, he's just a politician playing politics.  And he's worse than most politicians who actually admit to being politicians, I might add.  He's really a poseur on the change issue.

I also find it interesting that Bob Beckel's comments weren't included in Obama's new website ...