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They Hated Reagan, Too ...

Despite popular belief, during his presidency, Ronald Reagan was attacked and mocked -- just as George W. Bush is today.  The unflattering picture above says it all.  Today, the establishment media would have you believe Reagan was always thought of as a hero -- while Bush is a bafoon. 

While I would not put Bush in the same category as Reagan, it's important to remember that the media hated Reagan, too.

In doing some research for another post, I stumbled upon this quote from a July 1987 Atlantic article.  This could be written about Bush, today:

"Nineteen eighty-seven is Year One of the post-Reagan era. The problem is, Ronald Reagan is still in office. The revolutionary regime has outlived the revolution. Reagan himself is a lame duck, his effectiveness depleted and his popularity squandered."

... It should be noted that this was published in July of 1987.  Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall!" speech at Brandenburg Gate occured one month earlier.

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