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Rumor on the Internets: Michelle Obama Railed Against "Whitey"

Rumor has it that there is video of Michelle Obama "railing against 'whitey' at Jeremiah Wright's church."

If this is true, it could be lethal.  It's one thing to distance yourself from your pastor, but quite another thing to distance yourself from your spouse.

Might Rev. Wright be the one leaking the video?

Be warned:  Again -- this might be just be a rumor.  Or it might be big -- if it's true.  Stay tuned ...

Update:  I talked to Larry Johnson, the blogger who has this story.  I don't personally know Johnson, but his bio seems pretty credible.  He was once considered a "darling of the Left," but has become somewhat of a "bad guy" since turning against Obama.

He speculates the goal is to hold onto the video till August. 

At a minimum this rumor is out there.

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