Al Franken's Accountant

Posted: May 06, 2008 7:45 PM
Al Franken doesn't think his accountant is good enough, nor smart enough. Just ask him and he will tell you as such.  According to Franken, his accountant of 18 years, Alan Chanzis is to blame for all of Franken's recently uncovered financial woes -- and not the company's CEO & CFO, which would happen to be Al Franken.

So as Franken continues to blame Chanzis for everything short of global warming, one is left to wonder if the accountant is nearing the point at which he will talk to clear his name and affirm his competence.  So far there has been silence as Chanzis has yet to talk because, in his words, "I've been told to say, 'No comment.'"

Doesn't sound like someone on board with the silence plan does it? Also who is telling him not to talk? Franken?

At what point does Chanzis speak to either reaffirm he has provided 18 years of incompetent service to Al Franken, and any other celebrity clients he and his firm specialize in servicing, or to contradict Franken's transparent efforts to pass the buck and have the account play the patsy?