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Obama Should Condemn MoveOn's Misleading Ad

MoveOn will begin airing this attack ad against McCain tomorrow.

As you may know, MoveOn has also endorsed Obama.  Here's what Obama had to say in North Carolina on Monday: 

"Now, one of the things I'm proud of at the beginning of this campaign I said, this is a different time. This is an extraordinary time. We've got to run a different kind of campaign. So we're not going to go around doing negative ads. We're going to keep it positive. We're going to talk about the issues."

 ... I guess his unwillingness to tell MoveOn not to run the ad is just another example of how Obama embodies "real change?"

Say what you will about McCain, but he really means it when he condemns political attacks -- even the ones that benefit him.  So if you want "real change" and a "new brand of politics," your more likely to get it with McCain than with Obama ...

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