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As The New Republic's "The Plank" blog reports, Mitt Romney was "dissed" during a Supreme Court oral argument:

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: I think--I mean, obviously you're correct that this system benefits incumbents, but it benefits your client in a particular way as well. The parties are certainly interested in candidates who will fund themselves because that presents less strain on the party's resources.

MR. HERMAN: Mr. Chief Justice, they are interested in those candidates only inasmuch as they get elected. The moment that the public turns on them, they won't be interested. And certainly the public was not particularly interested in Mitt Romney, who spent a significant amount of money on his own behalf, and many other spectacular flameouts.


CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: I'm not sure we need characterizations of the political candidates--


MR. HERMAN: I apologize

(Emphasis mine).

By the way, I hear MittforVeep is coming very soon .  Stay tuned ...

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