A Report From On The Ground in PA

Posted: Apr 22, 2008 8:30 PM
One of my trusted sources sends this email report along from a precinct in PA.  It was sent out to Hillary supporters.  So McCain was on the ballot in PA?  Who knew you could vote Republican tonight?  Oh yeah, I guess Republicans can vote, too ...

Ok Hillraiser's,

The count at xxxxx at 5:30 PM is 862 with 505 of them being

Let's hope most if not all of those for Hillary!!!!! Yeah!!! Go Hillary.
We have had lines - Imagine that - on a primary election lines on and off
all day long.

See you all after 8 tonight ! I will be closing down the poll and calling
in the numbers to headquarters, and then bringing you the results from here
first hand!

Save me a cold one!