Picture of the Day

Posted: Mar 28, 2008 8:38 AM
I've been an advocate for a McCain/Romney ticket.  Having said that, something about this photo disturbs me (and a former Romney aide I talked to said the same thing).  Does everyone have the same negative visceral reaction to seeing these two as pals?  And if so, will it go away over time?


In other news, Charles Krauthammer does a good job today of setting the record straight regarding McCain's "Hundred Year War." 

And lastly, Eugene Robinson has a good take on Bill Clinton:
That was always Bill Clinton's political method: Do what you have to do; apologize later, if necessary. You can't save the world unless you get elected, and to get elected you have to be what the people want.
One good thing that has come from this election year is that the Democrats, it seems, are finally seeing the same Bill Clinton that we conservatives have known for years.