$ex: Who <em>Pays</em> For It?

Posted: Mar 25, 2008 2:36 PM
Over at the NY Sun, Arthur Brooks notes some surpising findings regarding who pays for sex ...

In truth, brains are not the issue: 19% of men with education beyond college have patronized the sex trade, versus 16% of people who didn't go to college at all. In spite of slightly higher education levels, men who have paid for sex earn about 9% less in income per year than non-payers.

There are a few other demographic surprises as well. First, the use of prostitutes is not a function of youth. Men who have paid for sex are seven years older, on average, than those who have not paid for it.

Nor is the lack of religion in one's life a major predictor of paying for sex. Indeed, men who attend a house of worship every week are barely less likely to have paid for sex than men who attend less than once a year or never — the difference is just one percentage point.

If you are a wealthy, church-going, octogenarian, I've got my eye on you ...