Obama's Team Warns of Consequences of a "Stolen Election"

Posted: Mar 05, 2008 10:30 AM

Everyone better get ready for a whole lot more of this:

Democratic consultant and Obama operative Glenn Smith warned that any effort to reverse Mr. Obama's growing delegate lead would look like a stolen election – regardless of how Clinton supporters spin it.

"You can make rules arguments, fairness arguments, an 'I'm tougher' argument. But you can't get over the practical consequences of what it would mean in November to take this nomination from the first African-American in history to have earned it," he said.

(Emphasis mine)

As compelling as Hillary's argument is, there is no doubt that her attempts to seat the Florida and Michigan delegates, as well as win-over Super Delegates by arguing she has momentum, can win the swing-states, etc., will be viewed by many -- especially African-American Obama supporters -- as an attempt to "steal" the election.   (We assumed that, but now Obama's campaign is implying they might help facilitate this sentiment, as well.  In short, he won't go down quietly). 

This, of course, could be great news for Republicans ...

Also interesting is the Dallas Morning News' list of winners and losers.  Among the "losers" are ... 
Blacks: Despite the buzz, exit polls indicate blacks made up only 20 percent of the Democratic turnout.
Radio talk show hosts: Many derided Mr. McCain, and most Texas Republicans said these commentators were important in how they decided to vote – and they voted for Mr. McCain

How could talk radio have been a loser?  Don't they know Rush Limbaugh is the reason Hillary won Texas???

H/t: Dwayne Horner