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For Hillary, It's All About The OH!

The big question today, of course, is -- what must Hillary do tonight to be able to carry on?

My take is that she must win Ohio -- but Texas, though important, is not
mandatory.  This is especially true if she finishes with a split-decision in Texas.  For example, if she wins the primary but loses the caucus, I think she would be okay.

As I noted the other day, she will not finish the primary season with the most pledged delegates, anyway.  The math just doesn't add up.  Because the Dems don't have "winner-take-all" primaries, Hillary would have to blow Obama out of the water in order to catch up to him in terms of delegates.

So, ultimately, her argument is to the Super Delegates.  And that argument is that she has momentum -- and that she will win the swing-states (like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania) -- and that Obama may not ...

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