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It's not in the same category as the moon landing, but I, for one, am excited about the Navy's attempt to shoot down this spy satellite, tonight. 

Of course, some conspiracy theorists will say this is really a devious attempt to bring back "Star Wars."  Whether intentional, or not, most Americans can only hope this does ultimately serve as a step toward developing a modern-day strategic defense initiative (S.D.I.) -- which was Ronald Reagan's answer to the concept of mutually assured distruction (appropriately titled: M.A.D.).

Considering the fact that rogue nations like North Korea and Iran will continue to seek nuclear weapons, this seems like a prudent course to take. 

(Granted, unlike an offensive weapon that could be launched by an enemy in the future, this satellite won't be actively trying to stop us from shooting it down.  This only proves the point that we have a lot of work to do ...)

Still, this could serve as a first step toward a defensive shield.  Moreover, it has been a long time since we have marshalled our national resources to do something truly innovative, that will make us safer, and that we can be proud of. 

Actually achieving Reagan's dream will require a major national commitment -- but this might turn out to be, at least, "one small step" toward finally achieving that goal ...

Update:  I'm now told this has been postponed for at least a day...

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