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Hillary's Dilemma: "If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat"

It seems clear that Hillary Clinton is in very, very big trouble.  In fact, if it were any other candidate, I would write-them-off.  But it's hard to write off the Clintons, because it's hard to write-off anyone who
will do anything to win. 

Still, it seems like the only legitimate way she can win fair and square would be for Barack Obama to make some sort of huge gaffe, and then for Hillary to have huge winning margins in Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

While this is highly unlikely, it's still possible.

As I noted last night, there are also three possible ways the Clintons could "steal" this election:

1. Breaking DNC rules by seating Michigan and Florida delegates,

2. Having "Super Delegates" overrule the will of the people, or

3.  Even poaching Obama's pledged delegates...
Of course, the problem is all three of these "solutions" is that she can't employ these tricks without having some momentum on her side  (or as Hugh Hewitt's book was aptly titled: "If it's not close, they can't cheat." )

And right now, with Obama having won his 10th straight contest, it's not close.

... We know two things about the Clintons:  They never give up -- and they care deeply about their legacies.

Ultimately, it seems, they may have to choose between the two ...

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