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The MSM has finally come around to noticing the striking similarity between the campaigns of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Barack Obama.
(Townhall's own
John Hanlon wrote about this back in November.)

Of course, it's no wonder the two are similar; they share the same top advisor.  And ironically, as this NY Times article points out, Obama is "borrowing" the ines that Patrick successfully employed to fend of criticisms that his rhetoric was only words:

David Axelrod, the chief strategist for Mr. Obama who also advised Mr. Patrick, said Sunday that Mr. Obama adapted the words from Mr. Patrick. Mr. Axelrod said that he did not write the words for either candidate.

“They often riff off one another. They share a world view,” Mr. Axelrod said. “Both of them are effective speakers whose words tend to get requoted and arguments tend to be embraced widely.”

... It's important to note that while Patrick used his tremendous speaking ability to win election, his administration has been viewed, so far, as a failure.  Might an Obama Administration suffer the same fate?

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