The Stakes ...

Posted: Feb 05, 2008 7:18 PM

It will take a decisive victory, but it is entirely possible that John McCain vanquishes Mitt Romney tonight.  So let's say he cleans up tonight, and then gives a great speech at CPAC.  Were that to occur, my bet is that most conservatives would eventually embrace McCain (Yes, I predict even Dr. Dobson would vote for McCain in November, if it meant stopping Hillary). 

Or, even if he loses, a surprisingly strong showing by Romney might be the beginning of something big.  Conservatives may finally realize Mitt Romney is all that separates us from the dreaded McCain.  McCain doesn't have this wrapped up, yet.  Romney could catch on fire.

And here's the weirdest scenario; what if, in addition to West Virginia, Mike Huckabee sweeps the south, including states like Oklahoma and Tennessee?  And then, let's suppose, McCain stumbles.  It's hard to fathom, but Huckabee still has a shot, albeit, a very small shot.  (And as Jennifer Rubin opined, Huckabee may then accuse Romney of hurting his chances).

So there it is.  Anything could happen.  This week has been great for those of us who love sports and politics.  Will Mitt be Eli Manning tonight?  Will McCain be Tom Brady?  We've still got four quarters left to play tonight ...