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Amanda Carpenter made a good point on CSPAN today:  You get called a maverick when you move to the left, but you get called a nut when you move to the right.  She's right.  And this, of course, underscores why a lot of conservatives have, what has been described as, 
McCain Derangement Syndrome

On the other hand, today's WaPost has an article today detailing why so many GOP Senators don't like John McCain.  
In a chamber once known for cordiality if not outright gentility, McCain has battled his fellow senators for more than two decades in a fashion that has been forceful and sometimes personal. Now, with the conservative maverick on the brink of securing his party's presidential nomination, McCain's Republican colleagues are grappling with the idea of him at the top of their ticket.
There are a lot of things I don't like about the prospects of a McCain presidency, but fighting with the Senate is not one of them. 

... Considering that President Bush failed to veto even a single spending bill the Republican-controlled Senate gave us in his first term, would it be such a bad idea to have a Republican President willing to fight with the Senate (yes, even with Republicans in the Senate).

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