Forbes and McCain?

Posted: Jan 31, 2008 5:08 PM
Earlier, MKH noted the rumors that Steve Forbes might endorse John McCain. 

Since he endorsed Rudy, and Rudy endorsed McCain, this seems plausible.

Of course, Forbes is a famous flat-taxer, and helped Rudy craft his top-notch tax plan, which included capital gains and corporate tax cuts -- and making the Bush tax cuts permanent. 

McCain's plan is now similar to what Rudy proposed, which also leads me to believe Forbes might consider this.

I tend to think that endorsements matter if they mean the endorser will continue advising the endorsee, after the election (should the endorsee win).  In the case of John McCain -- who admits he's not an economics expert--its especially important that he listens to the right people.

As such, I would be happy if Forbes did more than just endorse; he should also be giving McCain advice.  With fiscally conservative advisers like Kemp, Coburn, and Gramm, supply-siders like me find a bit of solice in the prospects of a McCain presidency.  Steve Forbes' support would provide one more good influence for McCain...

You can listen to my interview with Steve Forbes from October by clicking here.

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