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McCain's Victory Speech

I try not to mention fashion on a political blog, but what's with McCains necktie? 

Update:  Granted, it's easier to be a gracious winner than to be a gracious loser.  Still, McCain's kind words about his opponents shows a clear contrast when juxtaposed against Romney's speech tonight.

Sartorial concerns not withstanding, McCain gave a very good speech tonight.  In referencing the  "tap codes" he heard as a POW about the new governor of California, he reminds us he was a "foot soldier" in the Reagan Revolution ...

I'm paraphrasing here, but McCain mentioned that, Government should get out of the way of the most industrious people in the history of the world.

And regarding the state of the race, he ended with this  accurate line:

"We have a ways to go, but we're getting close."

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