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Election Day Thoughts ...

If you're like me -- you thought the Cowboys and the Colts were going to win last week ...  My point is that in football -- and politics -- the expression "any given Sunday" (or in this case, any given Saturday) is alive and well ...

So many factors are involved in the race today.  Will the weather help, or hurt, Huckabee? And will it even snow today (as was predicted)?

Will Evangelicals in the "Upcountry" break in a major way for Huckabee -- or will Thompson (and to a lesser extent, McCain and Romney) get a good percentage of them?  And will the many retired military folks on the coast turn-out for McCain?

Will Mitt Romney get any buzz from a Nevada victory today?  After all, more delegates are at stake in Nevada (34) than in South Carolina (24) ...

Does Fred Thompson drop out if he doesn't finish in first place today?  What if he comes in fourth (as he's now polling)? 

At this point, I've got more questions than answers.  But I'm monitoring the situation and will be checking in frequently ...

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