Romney and McCain Both Say They Will Win ...

Posted: Jan 08, 2008 7:37 PM
Greetings from Manchester, NH, where both Mitt Romney and John McCain are predicting they will be triumphant.  For John McCain, appearing positive -- even if it's acting -- is a smart move.  He has little to lose by appearing optimistic. 

But for Mitt Romney, who as recently as yesterday was lowering expectations and preparing us for a second-place finish, he is in danger of raising expectations, and thereby increasing the fallout that would come from a loss here.

Could it be that Mitt knows something we don't?  My take is, he should be careful.  Romney's team actually beat their turn-out goals in Iowa.  The problem was that the high-voter turnout rendered their goals irrelevant.

It could be a crazy night.  More and more I am believing there is a good chance that whoever wins New Hampshire tonight may also win the nomination ..