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Rudy Deferred ...

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Jonathan Martin
notes this Newsweek graf about Rudy Giuliani ...

When Giuliani's draft deferment ran out in 1969, the judge intervened personally to get his clerk another deferment. (Giuliani had dropped out of Air Force ROTC, citing a slight hearing impediment, and told colleagues that Vietnam did not meet the Catholic definition of a "just war.")
Aside from the irony of "the hawk's hawk" not supporting the Vietnam war, this once again highlights the fact that we continue to fight these same "Baby Boomer" fights over and over again.   

Barack Obama, of course, has made this point:

"Senator Clinton and others have been fighting some of the same fights since the '60s. It makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done. And I think that's what people hunger for."
... My guess is this won't hurt Rudy.  We've been down this road before.  It's tired.

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