Translating Rudy's New Ad

Posted: Oct 03, 2007 9:58 AM
Listen to Rudy's new radio ad going up in New Hampshire, and it's clear what Rudy's message is:  He's running as the candidate best prepared to keep us safe from terrorism.  But there are some other, subtler messages that he also communicates.  Here's my interpretation ...

1.  "... They're not going to find perfection" - Translation:  You know about the skeletons in my closet.  I'm not gonna try to hide them...

2.  "There are two big things at stake for the country..."  - Translation:  Social issues aren't included in the "big" issues.  And my personal life's not one of them, either.

3.  "If they agree with most of them (his issues) ..." Translation:  Don't get hung up on social issues.  If you agree with most of my positions, vote for me.

4.  "The Republican that Democrats just don't want to run against." - Translation:  I'm electable.  Otherwise, you'll get Hillary!

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