On the Net ...

Posted: Aug 27, 2007 9:22 AM

Comparisons to Reagan are always dangerous.  Still, The Real Deal Blog provides us with an impressive post outlining the surprising similarities between Mike Huckabee and Ronald Reagan. 

Devil may wear Prada, but candidates shouldn't wear Gucci!  Thomas Cheplick has a good post up about why Ronald Reagan didn't make mistakes like Fred Thompson just made (hint: Lyn Nofziger helped ...). 

Real time responses to Hillary's invisible ad. Her ratings go down when she pretends to "work" and when she mentions soldiers and is near children (H/t – Amanda Carpenter) 

And lastly, the Liberals compare Bush to Teddy Roosevelt and Good Morning Vietnam while the  Conservatives wonder why more angry Americans need John Edwards for President. Plus, the whole Political World receives a ranking from top to bottom.