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Thoughts on Romney and Abortion

... Yesterday's story about Mitt Romney's abortion position was the result of three factors:

1.  The local reporter who wrote the story was, no  doubt, ignorant of the pro-Life movement's strategy, which is to first overturn Roe vs. Wade and then to fight it out in the states.  Additionally, he was probably ecstatic to have seemingly caught Romney in a contradiction ...

2.  So why is this dangerous to Romney?  The "Romney is a flip-flopper" narrative is out there.  Any story that perpetuates the narrative is both newsworthy and potentially dangerous.

3.  It's also important to note that Romney could have avoided the entire mess by simply saying:  "Ultimately, I support an Amendment which would protect all human life.  But I also believe in incremental gain.  And overturning Roe (and returning to a time before the Supreme Court imposed its views on the states) would be a big step in the right direction."   

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