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Thompson's Mistake: Timing, Timing, Timing!

In real estate, it's location, location, location, but in politics, it's timing, timing, timing ...

If you ever wonder why Obama is running for president now -- with little experience in the U.S. Senate -- look no further than Tommy Thompson's failed campaign.

Once the GOP "golden child" as Governor of Wisconsin, Thompson sat out in '96 and 2000 -- when he might have been a real contender. But he failed to realize you can't catch lightning in a bottle. When the political stars align, you have to go for it.

Thompson failed to strike while the iron was hot, and thus allowed the times to pass him by. To paraphrase the song, when he had the choice to sit it out or dance, he chose not to dance.

Obama, conversely, chose to take a gamble by getting in the race when the opportunity presented itself. He's currently trailing Hillary, but, who knows? He may win -- or at least end up as her running mate.

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