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So the general consensus around our office today is that Mitt Romney is slightly too perfect for his own good (in sort of a Ken doll way).

... You know how nobody wants it to look like they just got a haircut? ... Or how when you get a new pair of tennis shoes, you want them to look new -- but not too new (you don't want them to be spotless)?

Well, that's how we see Mitt Romney. He needs just the slightest bit of an edge to give him some "street cred." Right now, he's like a pair of jeans that is ironed... How do we toughen-up his image?

So I thought that a slow Friday afternoon would be a good time to give you, the readers, a chance to suggest how Romney might tweak his image.

Ideas so far have included closing down a bar in Ames (which I don't think he can do), to getting in a fist fight, to smoking cigars. We also think that having some cool celebrities (like Clint Eastwood) endorse him might help.

So if you were advising him on his image, what would you recommend?


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