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Rep. Pomeroy: Bush is a Clown

According to The Forum, North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy (in an internet video) called President Bush a "clown."

North Dakota is an interesting state, in that the Governor, AG, and state houses are dominated by Republicans, and yet all three Federal Members of Congress are pork-loving Dems.

While I certainly think it is inappropriate to refer to President Bush in such a manner, I can't help but think that, in a sense, he has it coming to him. Here's what I mean:

North Dakota is the cheapest state in America to run media in (a million dollars in most states won't make a difference -- in ND, a million dollars would make a dramatic difference in a political contest). Yet, Republicans continuously ignore the candidates running for Senate and Congress there. And then, when those candidates do poorly, they use that as evidence as to why they shouldn't invest there in the future. It's a Catch-22.

In 2004, I managed the Congressional race for a guy named Duane Sand. While Majority Leader DeLay and Speaker Hastert were kind enough to travel to the state to campaign for us, the NRCC, RNC, and White House didn't lift a finger (or spend a dime).

With a little help, this is the Congressman we could have had in North Dakota (instead of Pomeroy):

... Or if you don't like Sand, another great guy named Matt Mechtel ran in '06. He got less help than we did ...

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