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Too Perfect?

Dean's comment that Mitt Romney isn't "creepy," he's "exceptional" makes a very good point, but the outcome may be equally disappointing to Romney fans.

While George W. Bush may have caused many to wish for a more intellectual president, the fact remains that Americans have an anti-elitist streak. To use a Joe Klein analogy, Mitt Romney is the kind of guy who sits in the front row of class and raises his hand. Fred, Rudy, and McCain are the kinds of guys sitting in the back of the room, throwing spitballs.   I've always idenfied more with the kids in the back of the room.


To some people, extraordinary is creepy.  With his perfect family, perfect speech delivery, and perfect hair, Mitt Romney may ironically turn off some voters by being too, well, perfect.  At the very least, it casues some to wonder if he is just a perfectly-packaged candidate...

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