Trading Places with Dean

Posted: Jul 03, 2007 12:48 AM

Dean and I are taking turns watching Southern California.  Today, I'm watching SoCA and he's watching the blog ...

As usual, my travels take me to good food and company.  I lunched at the Beverly Wilshire with a good young conservative, Michael Davidson (He's the former CA CR chair, and the current E.D. of Generation NeXt Pac.)  Saturday night, I got to experience Wolfgang Puck's restaurant, Cut (this one gets my thumbs up).  Yesterday, lunch was at The Ivy (this one is over-rated).  Last night, it was George's on the Cove in La Jolla (always a fav), and today, it was lunch with N.Z. Bear at the Rusty Pellican in Newport Beach.

So yeah, I'm eating well ...

I'm also trying to avoid (as much as possible), modern politics (although I hear Obama is doing well, and McCain is doing poorly).   However, I'm getting my fill of political history, by devouring John O'Sullivan's "The President, The Pope, and The First Lady."

Dean, i flew Alaska Airlines (who knew you could fly Alaska from DC to LA?).  The flight out was flawless.  Here's hoping my flight back isn't as, um, eventful as yours.