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The Debate: Part II

Immediate Thoughts: I think Rudy and Huckabee both did quite well, and McCain held his own.  It's also interesting to note that Republicans continue to distance themselves even more from Bush ...


8:47 - Tancredo says the biggest mistake of Bush is that he ran as a conservative and governed as a liberal. 

8:46 - Romney mentions "Ronald Reagan."  I take a shot.

8:42:  "Muchas Gracias," says McCain to Tancredo.  You gotta give it to McCain, he's got a great sense of humor.  I think he's scoring some points on being compassionate toward immigrants. 

8:41 - Tancredo is right, by the way, that bilingual countries don't work. 

8:39 - Romney just got the "flip-flopping" question.  Specifically, why does he have ads in Spanish, if he wants English to be the national language.  Frankly, I agree with Mitt.  I don't see the two things as being inconsistent. 

8:38 - Brownback will support the nominee of the GOP -- even if it's Rudy.

8:36 - Ron Paul has truly become an anti-war Republican.

8:31 - On conservatives who disagree with Romneycare, Mitt answers: "Well, I want to talk to the people, not just those conservatives who are concerned ..."

8:30 - Why is Tommy Thompson yelling at me?

8:29 - Oooh.  A question from a blogger.

8:26 - "It's your health, you should own your health insurance" - Rudy.


8:21 - ***IDEA OF THE DAY:  Divided Presidency: Rudy runs the war and Huckabee runs the social issues.  Any takers?

8:20 - Rudy gets up and walks even closer.  He's doing very well today -- and I think this format is good for him, too.

8:19 - Wow, someone asks a question with a conservative worldview.  Sadly, it's directed to Ron Paul.

8:18 - This format is much better for McCain.  He's the first to stand up.  He's better out from behind a podium. 

8:17 - Brownback wants to divide up Iraq into 3 states.  Isn't that Joe Biden's plan?

8:15 - How much do you want to bet one of these guys gets up off the red chair, walks over, and consoles one of these questioners?

8:14 - This format is a bit more touchy-feely.  I'm having flashbacks to the Bill Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush debate where Clinton says, "I feel your pain."

8:13 - Ok, the stage is a little odd looking.  It's likely Republican voters who get to ask the questions ...

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