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The Best of Murtha Nicknames ...

Our "Help Give John Murtha a Nickname" post has generated lots of recommendations.  Later this week, a "panel of experts" (ha,ha,ha) will go over this list and narrow it down to a few select few that we can vote on...


Among the current list are ... 

"The Mallett"
"Show 'em your back Jack"
"The Blob"
"The Murth"
"Droopy" (Cartoon Dog)
"Hog Jowls"
"The Corkscrew"
"The Spammer"
"The Porkinator"
"Mad Jack Murtha" (already used at Powerline)
"Honest John"
"Besmircha Murtha"
"Big Bertha"
"Ralph Cramden"
"Old Yeller"
"Mutt Murtha"
"The Worrt" (character from "Star Wars")
"Murtha The Hutt".
"Johnny 'Cash' Murtha"
..."The Ball Peen Hammer".
"The Rubber Chicken"
"Unindicted co-conspirator"
"The Ripper"
"Pizza the Hut"
"Crooket" mallet (like a crooked mallet)
"Baby Huey"
"Jack the Ripper"
"Cracker Jack"
"Major Pork"


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