Star Wars and Politics

Posted: May 25, 2007 1:47 PM

Thirty years ago, Star Wars hit the big screen -- and quickly became a cultural phenomenon.  Putting aside the fact that at least two of the last three movies have been underwhelming, it seems that many of the politico's I know (many of whom are in their early thirties) are fans.

On Monday, The History Channel will air Star Wars, The Legacy Revealed.  This program will feature interviews (about Star Wars) with influential Americans, including Newt Gingrich, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Brokaw, and ... Stephen Colbert. ...

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Further proving the point that the movie is "political", American Spectator's John Tabin has penned Star Wars' Libertarian Mission ...

So why do political people tend to be especially interested in this movie

"The enduring appeal of Star Wars," says Tom Brokaw, "is that it's this vastly entertaining piece of cinema that also leaves you ... with the idea that there are some real issues out there that we ought to be thinking about -- good and evil, and right and wrong, and heroism. Generations of people a long time from now will be enthralled by it, just as we are enthralled by the story of Robin Hood or King Arthur's Court or any of the Shakespearean tales."

MovieGuide's Ted Baehr just told me (via conference call) that Star Wars resonated because it was a classic story of good vs. evil.  He added that the first three movies were much better, and that the more recent movies confused ontology.

It will be interesting to see what Newt has to say ...